Posner Cosmetics was introduced in the 1940’s as a full line of fashionable, wearable, moderately priced cosmetics that offered African American women a wide array of cosmetic colors to match, compliment and enhance ethnic skin tones.  With its evolution of unique formulations and an ever-changing spectrum of fashionable colors, Posner has since become the brand of choice for generations of women of color.


All woman of color

Moderate to mid-level socio-economic status

Modern, multifaceted, culturally-conscious, independent, fashionable and price conscious

Active working woman, single or married, family-oriented, college-aged, career-minded, middle-aged or mature

Consistent or occasional makeup wearer, brand loyal, but willing to experiment

Appreciates products/brand images specifically directed toward her

Motivated to purchase by advertising and word of mouth.


From a corporate perspective, Posner’s is backed by the expertise of an innovative organization with more than 65 years of expertise in manufacturing, product development, and contract packaging.  Posner distinguishes itself by forward thinking, fast moving approaches to today’s ever-changing consumer and retail markets.  As experts in color, product technology and multicultural marketing, Posner’s parent company has been responsible for creating more top-selling ethnic SKUs than any other US supplier.

With a dynamic team of sales, marketing, research and technology professionals at its helm, Posner is committed to taking ethnic cosmetics to its next level by offering customers and consumers the industry’s finest products, programs and services.  This distinct combination of expertise, creativity and commitment gives Posner’s sixty-five year history a new platform for maintaining its position of leadership in ethnic HBA.