• POSNER CBD Moisturizer with CBD /Hemp Oil/Shea Butter/Grape Seed/Avocado/Coconut


    POSNER CBD Moisturizer  with CBD /Hemp Oil/Shea Butter/Grape Seed/Avocado/Coconut


    Plant derived CBD without any mind altering properties.  Natural and safe.

    Numerous benefits works to heal, moisturize and provide anti-aging properties.


    *Anti-Inflammatory capabilities 

    CBD can reduce breakouts and acne related redness.

    It has calming effects which helps to soothe reactive skin.

    May have the potential to decrease oil production and possibly balance sebum quantity.


    *Anti-Aging effects

    Anti-Oxidants contained helps to lessen visible signs of aging.

    Helps to counteract free radical damage and may reduce signs of inflammation.

    Can assist in visibly diminishing wrinkles, skin dullness and red tones.


    *Soothing properties

    Possibly can normalize and calm skin.

    Helps to minimize issues related to skin sensitivity.

    May keep skin in check.



    Moisturizer with CBD leaves skin shine-free, smooth and with no tacky finish.

    Leaves skin flawless and refreshed. 


    Perfect Combo!

    Use Posner CBD Face Wash with CBD first and see a fresh look unfold.