POSNER proudly presents Seventh Avenue Beauty by Melody Holt

Melody Holt is an empowering and inspirational woman with strong family values, extraordinary multifaceted talents and an exceptional business motivation.
Melody’s entrepreneurial ambitions have led her to become the CEO of a multi-million dollar property preservation business, the star and producer of the Oprah Winfrey Network’s “Love & Marriage:  Huntsville and the literal beauty behind the Seventh Avenue Beauty brand (lip collection and skin care).  She is a top selling R&B single “Tell Tale Heart”, educator and innovator of a Masterclass where she mentors entrepreneurial hopefuls.
Her life is an inspirational story for all women, who have the drive to pursue their dreams.  Hard work, education and a strong inspirational foundation give her the tools to succeed.  At the center of all her successes and achievements is the love for her four beautiful children and their life together.
Posner Cosmetics is honored to be in collaboration with Melody Holt because we value all that she stands for as empowering women with the philosophy to follow their goals and dreams, through hard work and dedication.  She balances it all with grace, love and family.   She leads by example to create a legacy for her and her children and is both inspirational and aspirational.
Posner has always valued those qualities and that is the reason for the mutually perfect fit.   Posner is truly “a legacy of beauty for women of color.”