Nude Lipstick, Seventh Avenue Beauty by Melody Holt


NUDE is a neutral shade that is the perfect balance of innocence and sophistication.  
Try NUDE in the most wanted matte finish which increases wearability.  Wear plain or gloss it.
Be subtle and try (be) NUDE for every occasion!
Melody Holt is a multitalented celebrity, who is the star and producer of OWN’s Love & Marriage:  Huntsville.   She has collaborated to present an innovative lip collection of high impact shades that are both glamorous and sophisticated.
They are the current must have colors that are the perfect combination for every ensemble.  All you need are these five shades for a distinctive and eye-catching lip wardrobe…FIRE (matte), NUDE (matte), DIVA, GUILTY and KISS.  Use them for a dynamic, one swipe color or use them in combo by layering the shades to change their color. 
Be “Red Carpet” ready always!